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Reaching Higher Graduate

“My favorite part in Reaching Higher is when we came together as a class & learned everything about leadership and companionship…Reaching Higher can have you show who you are out in public and to just be yourself.”


Reaching Higher Graduate

“Before Reaching Higher I wasn’t as organized with what I wanted to be and get to and it helped me to focus and organize myself.”


Reaching Higher Graduate

“At Reaching Higher the teachers and classes help me to gain confidence.It gave me to boost that I needed .I went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s.”


Reaching Higher Graduate

“I think the best part of Reaching Higher for me was being able to just talk to different students that I wouldn’t usually talk to and have my eyes open to other situations and how I can help others.”


Reaching Higher Graduate

“Reaching Higher helped me to get things out there rather than hold back and wait.”


Reaching Higher Graduate

“Reaching Higher gave me the tools to set goals and be a confident leader in myself. Before Reaching Higher,I had a loss of motivation,reaching Higher gave me back that motivation and gave me the skills to lead myself.”

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