• What is Reaching Higher?
  • Why Bring Reaching Higher To Your School
  • Why Should Students Take Reaching Higher
  • Student Testimonials
  • Parent Testimonials
  • Leadership Program
  • Anything is Possible


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9 Weeks to Success

The Reaching Higher 9 Weekly Sessions:

  • You are A Miracle
  • Remembering
  • Managing Stress
  • Purpose in Life-Setting Goals
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Fear To Freedom
  • Positive Life Choices
  • Happiness Through Giving & Loving
  • Graduation Celebration

Reaching Higher Addition!

We would like to welcome our new office intern, Julia, to the Reaching Higher team!  She will be assisting us with our marketing efforts and social media outreach.  Julia visited our Milford High School class on Monday, May 23rd. Welcome aboard, Julia!

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