A Great Man Leaves a Legacy

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February 16, 2015
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June 8, 2015
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A Great Man Leaves a Legacy


What defines a great man in today’s world?  Is greatness defined by financial success? A title? Climbing the corporate ladder? The number of friends one has? Or is it defined by something less quantifiable?

I read an interesting quote this week in a “Joy” book that my husband gave to me for Valentine’s Day.  It said:

“We lighten our loads when we decide to be someone instead of somebody.”

As I contemplated this quotation and the question of “Greatness”, Mike Fezzey came to mind.  Mike Fezzey was to me a Great Man.  He was “someone”.  He was never out to glorify himself, only to live his faith.  While working as the General Manager at WJR, Mike always focused on serving the people.  Everyone left Mike’s presence with a gift!!  I had the pleasuring of meeting Mike at WJR when he brought me in to talk about my dream, Reaching Higher.  Mike was highlighting the “positive things happening in Detroit.”  I left Mike’s office uplifted and inspired.  He connected me with Jeff Lane and his wife Suzy Fezzey, both of whom became “someone” in the Reaching Higher family.  Jeff was an instrumental part in growing Reaching Higher as our past Development Manager, while Suzy has been a mentor/angel in the classroom.  The kids love her; she loves them; and she has forever changed lives in the classroom._MG_3697

I know many of us have stories as to how Mike Fezzey has gifted our lives.  What if each of us decided to live our lives as Mike did, putting love into action? Just imagine the impact we could have on our friends, families, and communities!

Imagine if each of us chose to pay it forward to just three people, in Mike’s honor?  Helping someone else who can’t make it alone.  Standing by the sides and walking beside them till they felt strong.  Mike would see the seeds that he planted grow into a beautiful garden for God.

Please accept this challenge to live as Mike did, helping one another, and join me in honoring Mike, Suzy, and their family’s legacy.

Susie Dahlmann