Current Needs for Reaching Higher


We are deeply grateful to have donors from every walk of life; from million dollar company owners, to hard working individuals, incredible people have supported Reaching Higher. The following options are the ways our donors are helping our students. If any of these selections touch your heart please contact us and together we can serve our youth.


  1. Reaching Higher Enhancement Program

Description: This funding option supports our character-building leadership-training program that inspires and prepares students to succeed and reach their full potential. They are our future employees, neighbors, and citizens of our communities. Through our program we:

  • Crush despair
  • Repair Self-Esteem
  • Bring Hope to the hopeless
  • Heal depression, suicide, pressure, and bullying
  • We make the Insignificant feel significant
  • Let everyone feel that they matter
  • Give life / Increase self worth
  • We are Positive change agents


  1. Support Program Expansion

Description: This funding allows us to broaden our reach to every student. Each one deserves our leadership-training program; help us to reach them. Here are the options to support the expansion of our program:

  • Launch a program in your school district/community to create positive culture/everlasting change
  • Reach more children/youth
  • Help us grow into other areas to meet the need
  • Every child deserves our program, help us to reach them
  • Build our own classroom so that we can have classes in-house
  • Sponsor an instructor through our certification process


  1. Support Growth of Technology

Description: With technology ever changing and evolving, it’s important we stay innovated and up to date to produce the best results. Here is what your donation would contribute to:

  • Support the innovation of our culture, and our unseen technology costs
  • Have a professional Videographer to capture the power of RH
  • Professional Photographer
  • Nice professional color copy machine
  • TV/Video conference


  1. The 9 Week Curriculum and Instructional Materials

Description: This funding would go to the quality of our program. In order to deliver the strong results that we do, we hire only the best instructional team. It’s also important that we stay innovative and that our program is up to date in current time. Here are the options to invest in the curriculum today:

  • PDD (Professional Development Day) Teachers
  • Develop one hour curriculum for Health Teachers
  • Kindergarten- 3rd class
  • Sponsor an Instructor to go through our certification process



  1. Student and Community Scholarships

Description: Every student matters. With this funding option you would be investing in the future of our younger generation; they are your future employees. By making a change in one area, you make a change in them all. Here are the options for your choosing:

  • Support a student thru the RH Program (XXXX TBD).
  • Support a class of 25 students (XXXX TBD).
  • Sponsor a school district (you’d OWN the district).
  • Sponsor a school for an academic school year. Sponsor/cultivate 50 leaders in your community. You would bring Hope to 50 Students.
  • Sponsor a class PLUS allow your employees to volunteer by Mentoring. This enables growth within your employees; they become people who are thankful that their employers are sponsoring this time during the workday. This is the kind of activity that reduces employee turnover and many other benefits.