Faith gives us hope for a better tomorrow

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April 2, 2015
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July 22, 2015
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Faith gives us hope for a better tomorrow

61Recently my friend Maria called me, asking if I could help her assist a family that has a very sick little girl.   Their plight immediately caught my heart and all of the errands and tasks I had planned for my Saturday suddenly seemed unimportant.  “Yes”, I said, “I will do anything to help.”  “Great” Maria replied, “We are going to clean and help them organize and create order in their home.”  Well, it just so happens that I love to clean and I am OCD, so I can certainly create order!

Entering the family’s home was humbling.  The little girl’s mother was her caregiver and she greeted us at the door with open arms and grateful hearts.  The child, Faith, sat on the couch receiving her daily infusion of medication.  Faith’s family has been in distress for the last 6 years in this fight to save their daughter’s life.  Suddenly, my own problems seemed small in comparison.  Faith was so excited that particular day because she was going with Mott’s Children Hospital to see Taylor Swift.  Her mother had almost said no to the journey, but knew that Faith needed hope and joy.  She needed something fun to look forward to, so she could enjoy life again like a healthy child, even if it was just for an evening.June 2015 Blog Faith

As I reflected on my day with Faith, I thanked God for His blessings and for the gift Faith was to me that day. Her smile, love, and sweetness were blessings to me.  I cleaned the family’s house and helped to create order that day, but Faith gave me the greatest gift by creating order and peace in my heart.  Throughout the previous week, I had been so busy and consumed by the problems in my work that I needed to get out of my office mode and remember why I love Reaching Higher and the children we serve.

Even though the kids in our classrooms might not be visibly struggling like Faith and her family, they are struggling inside, and their families are struggling with them, simply trying to find a way to peek out of the all-consuming, busy lives that we live and remember that we are here to have fun and love one another.  As Faith and her mom prepared to leave for the concert, I could feel the joy in the air and excitement as Faith came down dressed in her little peace shirt!

As they left, I was at the kitchen sink, doing dishes.  On the wall above the sink in big, bold letters was a quotation Faith’s mother had hung: “It’s not the moments we breathe but the moments that take our breath away.”

Thank you little Faith for giving us hope for a better tomorrow.