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Reaching Higher has been blessed by the generosity of countless men and women who donate their time, resources, and talent to improve the lives of children. There are many ways to help; Make a Donation, Become a Mentor, Become an Instructor, Serve on a Committee, Attend our Annual Gala.  Any contribution, large or small, can help make a difference in the life of a child.

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    Mentoring (please complete application in the section below to Become a Mentor)
    Recruiting Mentors from businesses or the community
    Helping to open New Schools by introducing Reaching Higher to other schools and groups
    Setting up a fundraiser at your company and or organization
    Having an article about Reaching Higher in your company e-newsletter/website/etc.
    Volunteering at the Reaching Higher office to assist with clerical duties
    Gala, (Set-up, Registration, Check out, and or Clean-up)
    Join Reaching Higher Gala/Special Event Committee
    Join Reaching Higher Fund Development Committee
    Join Reaching Higher Marketing & Communications Committee
    Become a Certified Reaching Higher Instructor
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    Become a Mentor

    Reaching Higher classes are taught by certified instructors who lead and inspire the students week after week. In addition, a team of trained mentors assist in the classroom by facilitating small group activities, giving example presentations, and serving as a positive role model for class members. Thank you for applying to be a Reaching Higher Mentor. Final selections will be based on interview and in combination with openings based on location. Once your application is submitted we will contact you to schedule an interview.

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    (Check all that apply) Fall (Oct.-Dec.) (9 sessions/3 hours per week)Winter/Spring (Feb.-May) (9 sessions/3 hours per week)
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    I understand that it is protocol for Reaching Higher is to request that I have the State of Michigan background clearance completed as a part of the mentoring process.
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