A Strong Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime

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September 11, 2014
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November 26, 2014
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A Strong Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime

61Mike Horan is an amazing man who volunteered to mentor in our Hartland High School.  Near the completion of the class Mike sent this incredible letter to Reaching Higher:

My background is construction and in particular concrete.  We supply concrete to foundations every day.  Sometimes the grounds are perfect; the bedrock is at the top and all that is needed is to prep it and pour the foundation. Other times the conditions are not perfect and extra work goes into the preparation, perhaps we need to put pilings in the ground to find bedrock and then pour them full of concrete to anchor the foundation.  Once this is done the foundation is just as strong as starting on original bedrock.  At that point the building can start, whether it will be a small wooden bungalow or a massive high-rise or a pier to support a bridge over a river; that is up to the mind and desire of the builder, but the strong foundation can support whatever is desired.

Livingston Concrete Image

What you (we) are doing is not unlike this. The tools that are being given to the students will build this solid foundation, so that whatever the mind’s eye of the builder can dream, it can be created.  If a house is built on shifting sands, it will not stand.  If it is built on the foundation of accountability, positive thoughts, and actions it will endure and be able to withstand the winds of change.

I wish I had been given these tools at their age.  Thank you for letting me be part of this.  This is new to me and I want to contribute to the best of my abilities.

Reaching Higher continues to be blessed by integral mentors like Mike.  Men and women from the community we serve care enough about our children’s futures to share their time and talents to provide our students with a strong foundation to support their dreams and endure, no, prevail over, whatever challenges may come their way.Mike Horan

A special thank you to Mike and all the mentors that made our programs strong. You are the foundation of Reaching Higher!